Greg and Jordan are excellent keynote speakers: from their easy story-telling nature, to their humor that comes out when you least expect it, they keep the audience engaged and enthralled throughout the entire keynote address. It’s obvious they are skilled at reading their audience in the moment, and can adapt to any situation to ensure that their presentation is truly affecting the audience.

I would recommend Greg and Jordan to any company or organization looking for a “less traditional” keynote address, while still checking off all the boxes when it comes to more traditional themes. Leadership, overcoming obstacles, teamwork: these are just a few things that Greg and Jordan excel in illustrating during their address, helping the audience really understand how they can learn from a unique experience like rowing the Atlantic and adapt it to their own personal and professional lives.
— Rachel Johnson
Executive Director, Nat’l Safe Boating Council

Thank you for coming to my school. I had fun learning about your adventure. I hope I have as many adventures to show the world as you have shown us. You inspire many people (me included) and you should continue to inspire many others.
— Maddy, 8th grader
Woodward Middle School
Bainbridge Is., WA

Your story was truly amazing. Everything from crossfit on the beach to flying over the Atlantic looking for the boat. Everything made so much sense. I was amazed that you could hold twenty 8th graders’ attention. I cant wait to hear if you are doing another trip around the world. Thank you so much for coming in.
— David, 8th grade
Woodward Middle School
Bainbridge Is., WA

Jordan spoke at our Mountaineers banquet and I can honestly say that it was the most enjoyable program that I’ve heard in a very long time. Through an imaginative visual presentation including photographs, video, and child drawings, he drew in the listener providing something unique…. riveting drama sprinkled with humor to provide relief, and a relatable understanding of what his personal journey is all about. Jordan is a skilled speaker and the audience listens as if sitting in a living room with him. His story is frightening, gorgeous, and ultimately inspiring. I’ve always been afraid of open water, but after his presentation I felt I wanted to get out there and experience it too.
— Carrie Strandell Event Coordinator, Everett Mountaineers
On a scale of 1-10, Jordan is an 11! We were blessed to have him speak to our group of 300 volunteer Scouters at a recognition event. Imagine the best campfire story you have ever been told. Multiply that by ten. That’s Jordan. Very moving.
— Ryan Larson
Development Director
Chief Seattle Council, Boy Scouts of America

I have had the pleasure of hearing Greg Spooner and Jordan Hanssen speak on two occasions - at the Canadian Safe Boating Council Symposium in Whistler a couple of years ago, and more recently, at the International Boating and Water Safety Summit. They have a compelling story to tell - of goals and dreams, and pulling out all the stops to make them happen; of teamwork and dedication, and a solid commitment to helping others and caring for the planet; and, most appealing for me and our work in boating safety, of the importance of preparation and a solid safety plan when you are embarking on adventures on the high seas. Preparation and planning save lives, and they are living proof. Despite all they have accomplished, these two men are characteristically modest, and this makes them all the more inspiring. The last time I heard them speak - to boating safety professionals from across the United States and from Canada, people who are no strangers to life and death situations - Greg and Jordan received a standing ovation.
— Jean Murray
Chair, Canadian Safe Boating Council

They inspired us to live our lives to the fullest. We had an amazing adventure from their funny jokes to their amazing stories. It was one of the best adventures I have ever experienced, and we will not soon forget.
— Charlie Jo, 7th grade
Black Oak Elementary
Hornbeak, TN

Highline College, the students, faculty and staff were greatly appreciative of the time and effort Jordan and OAR Northwest spent sharing his experiences with over 100 supporters for our sixth annual “Inspiration in the AM” breakfast. It was truly the best one we have had and folks are still marveling about it. We welcome Jordan back to campus anytime!
— Rod Stephenson, Executive Director, Highline University Foundation