Jordan and Greg tell the story of OAR Northwest rowing and education expeditions across the Atlantic and along America's great waterways. From a nonprofit started in the basement of their house in Seattle, to a rowboat on the high seas of the North Atlantic, battling house-sized waves and starvation on their way to an unlikely victory. Years later adventure and opportunity called again and led them to transform OAR Northwest’s mission from racing to education through an adventure that would take them from West Africa, across the mid-Atlantic, through the Bermuda Triangle to Miami. With less than a thousand miles to go, disaster would strike and all that was left was survival.


For classroom or general assembly. This is a 50-minute inspirational presentation with video clips, colorful wildlife photos and a Q & A session. It will work with any age group K-12, with specific content tailored to the grade level.

Several themes are covered during the presentation such as teamwork, perseverance, and goal setting, and can be personalized prior to presentation. Greg and Jordan present solo or in tandem.

Jordan’s book, Rowing into the Son, the story about the 2006 North Atlantic Rowing Race adventure is also available.  Please call (253) 678-5863 or email for booking details.